Rancho El Teterete 2011

In February 2011, we took Zoey on her first plane ride. When we decided to get a dog again, we intentionally chose a breed small enough to fit in a carrier under the airline seat in front of you. We flew from Portland to Cancun (by way of Denver, where it was 12° and snowing, making for quite a delay). Zoey travelled like a champ! Luckily, Cancun was not our destination. We rented a car there and drove an hour and a half south along the Caribbean coast to the tiny Pueblo of Chemuyil, about halfway between Aukumal and Tulum. Based on our 2009 Riviera Maya trip, we knew this was our favorite vicinity. I wasn’t in my best picture-taking mood on this trip for some reason, and I regret not having any photos of the Pueblo. Easily the cleanest small Mexican town I’ve visited, with delightful inhabitants, decent services and a few good eateries. Five bumpy minutes inland from the Pueblo we reached our destination, Rancho El Teterete. This was the first time we have stayed in such a remote Mexican location and I admit I had concerns about security before we arrived. Before leaving home I shared this by e-mail with the house owner, Josephine. She assured me that I needn’t be concerned. Still, I wasn’t so sure until I arrived. This house in the jungle offers peace and seclusion and we felt totally safe and secure for our entire stay. Zoey really enjoyed being Queen of the jungle! Great location, close to our favorite beaches, including the one near Tita Tulum.