Rose City Model Sailing Club

Hello Footy and Micro Magic aficionados!

There’s a new model sailing club serving the Pacific Northwest and the Portland Metro Area! The Rose City Model Sailing Club has been recognized and sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association as Club #311. The founding members and preliminary club officers are as follows:

Stanley Townsend (Commodore)
AMYA 16845

Greg Lamb (Vice Commodore)
AMYA 16908

Ted VanSyckel (Secretary/Treasurer)
AMYA 15233



Our primary sailing venues will be:

Westmoreland Casting Pond
SE McLoughlin Blvd & Bybee Blvd, Portland OR
Coordinates: 45° 28’12” N, 122° 38’ 27” W

Tualatin Commons Pond
7880 SW Nyberg St, Tualatin OR
Coordinates: 45° 22’ 58” N, 122° 45’ 40” W

Initially, our focus was on building, sailing and racing Footys. More recently, we added Micro Magic as a supported class. Our SAILING SCHEDULE has been designed so there are no conflicts in the dates scheduled by the Oregon Model Yacht Club. We are not in competition with OMYC – they are a great club for the classes they support (IOM, Victoria, RG65) – we are just providing an opportunity for Footy and Micro Magic builders and skippers to get together.

About our Footys: We have 4 Pool Shark 3D’s built by the Club members. I have a Razor 3 and I know of at least a couple of others out there. I also have a Kittiwake K2 (that should be available for sailing as a “club boat” at all of our get togethers – so come sail whether you have a boat or not) and Greg has 3 Kittiwakes. There are several MicroYachts, a Barefoot, some 507’s, a Lajabless, a V-12. These are what I know about – please let me know what I’m missing.

As mentioned above, we have expanded to include the Micro Magic as a Club supported boat. This 21″ German-designed boat is extremely popular in Europe and has a fast growing fleet in the US. Two RCMSC members have Racing Edition Micro Magics on the water. I am in the process of building mine. I expect that another member will be purchasing a kit shortly. While three or four local boats is not exactly a fleet, we would especially welcome participation from MicroMagic owners or those interested in this slick little boat.

Please come out to any of our events and join us for some fun sailing!

The Club has added a couple of resources to enhance communication with our members and anyone else out there interested in the radio controlled model sailing hobby. Primary is our new webpage. Please visit and take some time to click around. We’ll be using the News Posts resource to communicate news of club events as well as for communication and feedback from club members and non-members. Anyone can view this blog. Non-members (who register with will be able to comment on the posts. RCMSC members will be able to add new posts as well as comment.

Speaking of membership, we would LOVE to have you join us! The Club Bylaws and Member Application Form and instructions are available on our About page.

The second new resource is our Facebook page. Please take a look. Our webpage will be the primary communication forum, but our Facebook page should help us reach a wider audience and provide a fun way of keeping up.

I’ve collected a list of e-mail addresses of people I have reason to believe have an interest in Footys or Micro Magic boats and I’ve been using it for communication of news. I plan to continue this. If you know someone who would like to be included on this e-mail list, let me know. If you want off the list, let me know as well.