Razor 3

Steppin' Razor

With my Kittiwake K2 (Crawdad) finished (and what a fine sailer she is!), I got the bug to build another. I decided to build a Razor 3 – a design by Bill Hagerup that he graciously gives away for free. Unlike the Kittiwake K2 kit, this was what’s called a scratch, “mid air” build: cut the pieces, tape them together, glue them (and pray!). I decided to name her “Steppin’ Razor” after the classic Reggae song by Peter Tosh – thus the Rasta (red – yellow – green – black) color scheme. I really can’t say enough about Del at G-Scale Graphics  (my source for the custom self-adhesive vinyl lettering for all three of my boats). His work is great and very reasonably priced and his customer service ethics are impeccable! Steppin’ Razor is quick and fun to sail. Here’s a build log.