Am I going to blog?

I know, WordPress is for blogging. I got into it for another reason. With Apple’s grand plan for iCloud, they are pulling the plug on MobileMe (where was hosted) and ending support for iWeb (the platform with which was developed). They are also doing away with iDisk, their online storage platform. Although I could extend my use of MobileMe through July 2012, I could only do so if I chose to forego the use of iCloud. Once you make the plunge (or should that be launch?) into the iCloud, MobileMe and iDisk go away. Apple support has provided instruction on how to transfer your MobileMe hosted website to a 3rd party host, but I decided to give WordPress a try. They will host a site for free, up to 3Gb (mine’s currently about 0.6Gb). I do have to pay $12/yr. because I chose to map my domain to my WordPress site. Small price to pay. So I developed a webpage – not a blog – on WordPress. But the question remains: do I want to blog? I don’t really know. Maybe I just did. Did I? Well, if I do blog, this is where you’ll find it.